We find ourselves, DC area, in a dead end.

All educators who claim these principles always have a place in our home free research and we would work well in coordinating and gathering of goodwill scattered, whose cooperation is one of the imperatives of our difficult time. But we can not work together unless we agree on the major points of our action. These are the points that we would once again like clarified. We say: the major action points and not only the principles that are the basis. Theoretically, people of good will always agree.

This is when we must translate this theory into reality that arise disputes and difficulties. Senior men, who scrutinized the problems without any bias, ranging imperturbably far the leading common sense, science and experience, know consider sympathetically the work of researchers because they are them- themselves able to place this work in the common stock of the civilization and culture.

And it is because they are at this level they are understanding and good, indulgent for errors that may be committed in action, generous without reserve. Our dear Ferriere is the prototype of these great personalities that are so well integrated into the long line of teachers of all times that they are constantly our actions and our comfort.

This is because they are at this level that the personalities who have honored us with their patronage is as the living foundation on which we strive to build not always with total success. It is this circle of good will that we strive to expand to meet the heavy vow promises Mr. Meylan.

But these good intentions have much to do to fight against another army, the men and women who, embedded in the present and in the past, tend to hold a priori false which is not consistent with their designs and who seem therefore – this is unfortunately not an illusion – impervious to the lessons of experience. What we did not say the fools who rode bicycles homework helper
in defiance of all known laws of statics?

He did not find even men of science to condemn the railways whose smoke was destroying crops, and the first low-level flight trials or in the stratosphere? There is a minor science, stunted in his specimens, who knows just defend tradition against the audacity of progress. True science is never satisfied. True educators are scientists because they are incorrigible dreamers. Their mind always scrutinizes far ahead, beyond the known world.

They are the vanguard who errs sometimes drive or bruises in the unexplored thicket without which reality would desperately everyday and no longer tinged this ideal that, at all times and everywhere, excited dynamism those – and they are legion, so at least they have in their veins the bright and warm blood of youth – who want to go farther and higher, to further explore to better know and serve better, to be more men. We oppose there especially with the tradition of the old bourgeois school – and this bourgeoisie wins, alas! limit and paralyze the proletariat – who fears for her offspring risk, son of daring.

And that is why we so often meets ranking examinations situation our dreams of liberation and humanity. We find ourselves, DC area, in a dead end. Contrary to what one might think, no logical demonstration is valid here. It is in vain that we cite our sources farther pedagogy, in vain that we highlight the view that we would believe decisive, the most illustrious of our masters. Ministerial instructions themselves, yet so highly thought, not found favor with the opposition traditional stop.

It’s like an army that is not sensitive nor faith nor to the ideal, or the recommendations of its officers. Scholastic has thrown its wall between the school and life, between the Masters and the Life. What could we do to unbewitch education, to reinstate him and allow the march forward without which dig ever deeper the mismatch gap which is dying our teaching?

Natural methods must replace the scholastic We must attack us first to the nature of the school. A long scholastic tradition Made us believe, and did believe parents that education is a company apart which is organized or works according to current standards.

There would be secret to know, a special behavior to acquire reflexes to condition without which one can not be admitted into the realm of knowledge: the School would be – and actually is – as a deliberately cut Island middle, where one enters on tiptoe, where people speak a language, with words and intonation that the more value they are different from the active expression of children in the street and in their families. And it is serious, we built this island materially.

The school as designed, like temples where everything is done according to the deity, does not allow another form of operation that we suffer harm. The few conscious educators who want to get out of this island and regain life, are forced to break down the walls, breaking the gates, to break the laws and regulations – which is always serious in the career of an official . The children themselves who can not comply with the rule are as deemed unworthy of the priesthood seminarians, thrown out of the sanctuary and reduced to search by themselves, through other channels, the culture has denied the School.

Some will succeed elsewhere with amazing success. Do not expect this school she does harakiri. Force we will harassing into a corner until it is devalued to the point that it annihilates like these old mills wheels against the wall rustic hovels, still have their intact pallets but now without object. We must lead by an ardent campaign for natural methods, justify psychologically, educationally, historically.

But we will need especially to competition two working techniques publicize the results achieved by natural methods and expose the outdated methods of scholasticism. The task will be difficult for the priest, by virtue of its function, justifying his actions as part of his church. He must break with its own life skills to question first, then reform, his own behavior.

Reconsidering Life Skills We all continue in the various implications of life, to live according to natural principles, based on trial and error and not on the scientific process. Science has nothing to do with how we learn to suck, then eat, to walk, to express ourselves, to look at nature around us, to adjust behaviors, plowing, digging, to make dinner , or angling. But we convinced educators that school knowledge could be acquired by the scientific, falsely scientific fact.

You have to know 1 and 5 before the concept of 10, and one must not identify the words as we do not know the letters or construct a sentence as long as one does not know the words. As if the natural construction of the infantile language was not at any time a synthesis-based life, where the component plays its full role total ever isolated from the context of creation and action. Our psychology of trial and error is not our invention neither nor new.

And this is the first step of the demonstration to continue: show that it is the norm of life, that all our actions, even scientists, are based on a trial and error, which is the law of your life, that whenever we depart from this law, we go astray and we endure the consequences. The only school she would rebel in this general law? Is the school life of the valid technical school and in life?

Replacing the School of school life skills falsely scientific life by natural techniques based on trial and error, it is possible, efficient and desirable? This is proof that we do every day by our technical but on which we must constantly return, not by argument but by the triumphant experience.