Glenn and Family


Ministry Experience: Glenn Moeckelmann

 Came to Christ in my 20s (now 45 years old), studied computers and business, served a local church for 6 years before elders urged for me to consider to going into seminary and vocational ministry.  Went to Dallas Theological Seminary. Upon graduation lived in a poor area for 1.5 years doing incarnational ministry managing a 50 family apartment complex as part of training for the local mission field.  Have served in pastoral ministry for 12 years as an associate pastor of a large church and also part of a smaller restart church plant.  In Silicon Valley started a tech start-up for online education and training founded with a team of Godly men.

Objective:  To serve in a ministry utilizing my passion and gifts in both evangelizing and loving the lost while equipping teams through preaching/teaching.



The essence of life now and in eternity is only found in Jesus Christ.  The more we understand God’s grace and the gifts of the body of Christ, the better we can minister and love His people and the lost world. We are called to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  I believe the local church is the lifeline that edifies, equips and confirms the purpose of all people as they come to Christ, draw close to the Lord and obey Him.

familyPic2012We love building relationships and growing with others in Christ.  The Lord has gifted me in preaching/teaching, leadership and evangelism, which has been confirmed many times through involvement in ministries.  The body is made up of many parts all with various gifts and we need one another.  My role is one little part and I am committed to doing it all in love less I am nothing and gain nothing (1 Cor 13).  I also believe that co-laborers are the elders/leaders first and foremost and then the congregation that is equipped by us to do the work of the ministry.  When we as elders love one another deeply then “we can do no wrong” in terms of the functional aspects of the day-to-day stuff.  We can save a lot of heartache yet have honest “iron-sharpens-iron” conversations that edify and build up for the sake of Christ when true agape love binds us together.  Personally, as a preacher I believe it is borderline sinful to not be passionate in preaching the Word of God.  I also believe when we are focused on knowing the Author of the Bible our passion is fueled to devour what He has to say rather than trying to read and study for any other reason.

In short love the Lord and worship Him with your all, in Spirit and in truth, and love people as you point them to the throne so they may worship and serve Him fully.  I believe there is the unction and “call” confirmed personally by the Spirit and in faith to the place of service.  This is pretty generic but written a few years ago and just re-read it and some things may have changed but overall the principles are the same.


My father Peter is from Hamburg, Germany and mother Rose is from Manila, Philippines.  They met in New York.  He was sent by his company to stay several years for business and she wanted to pursue medical school.  They got married had me and we immediately moved to Germany where we stayed for 12 years before moving to California in 1982.  I have two sisters named Karen and Cecilia.


Date / Place of Birth:                                 April 2, 1969 – New York

Raised:                                                          Braunschweig, Germany and California

Spouse:                                                         Anne Marion (Alday) Moeckelmann

Married:                                                       August 26, 1994

Children:                                                      (1) Noah 6/98 (2) Sophia 3/2002 (3) Grahm 6/2004 (4) Phoebe Paige 4/2009

Other Languages:                                      Fluent in German, Understand Filipino


Came to know Christ at age 20 through a faithful servant of the Lord named Patti Chen who shared the gospel and showed me Christ’s love for an entire semester.  At that time I was pursuing a professional tennis career which quickly took a turn. The same year met a U.S Delegate, named Bob Daigle who mentored me in leadership for three years in international business consulting to Fortune-500 firms. I finished a BS in Management Information Systems and worked close to ten years near the Silicon Valley, CA prior to sensing the Lord’s call to seminary and full-time ministry.



Dallas Theological Seminary

Master of Arts with focus in Cross-Cultural Ministries

Also completed 2 Years of Th.M Course Work

Equiv to M. Div Degree – Hold more to Calvary Chapel Views except for weird afterglow J


University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems

Chabot College, Hayward, CA

Associate of Arts in Business/General Education



In 2006 I took a year’s worth of Church Planting training through Evangelical Free Church.  For the second time in ministry life I took various assessment tests which affirmed certain personal attributes.  Mainly it comes down to true calling with a healthy team.

The spiritual gifting test affirmed the areas I’m most passionate about in fulfilling my role in the Kingdom of God.  These scored above 32 on the test and I don’t believe are in any significant order – Leadership, Preaching/Teaching, Evangelism, Apostleship, Discernment/Shepherding.  (on the DISC test I am a D/I)


Campbell Community Church, Campbell , CA –   7/2006-12/2013

Senior Pastor

  • Preach God’s Word through mainly expository sermons and Bible studies
  • Baptize and Disciple new Believers
  • Direct, lead and motivate staff members and families by constant vision-casting
  • Mobilize members to live out the Gospel by reaching the lost
  • Innovate ideas for transforming community life unique to persons involved
  • Daily tasks encompass delegating a wide range of task including technical, web/print/media content development as well as financial stewardship direction and family counseling
  • Experienced in finding solutions not only in helping families become the best they can be but also bringing leadership to a non-profit organizations and alliances
  • Implemented new vision using innovative ideas for community impact such as after-school internet café and mentoring programs
  • Entrepreneurial projects include working with medical doctors and business men to help our local communities and those in third-world nations


Pathway Bible Fellowship, San Jose, CA      10/2002 – 4/2005

Associate Pastor

Description of Church: Grew out of a 1500 member Church in San Jose as the English Ministry to second generation Asian-Americans.

  • Regular preaching/teaching schedule included close to 20 weeks a year for Sunday sermons, in addition homeless worship service and college outreach
  • Midweek singles  Bible studies as well as college campus outreach and homeless ministry
  • Chartered first overseas mission’s program and had church participate a great part in mobilization for the building of a Bible college in Kenya, Africa.  In addition to Kenya field vision-casted and helped equip teams for overseas work in China, India and Siberia.  Close to 30 people went overseas in two years on short-term trips.
  • Preached in Kenya and discipled several young men who are now heading into possible full-time ministry
  • By God’s Grace and the love of our Kenyan brothers and sisters we have a Pathway Church in Africa now.
  • Have spoken on radio, at the Redwood Chapel’s men’s retreats as well as a family retreat in Texas
  • Elders have prayed and sensed for quite some time that the Lord may want me to use leadership and vision casting as well as preaching to fulfill the call to lead a church as lead pastor


Redwood Chapel Community Church, Castro Valley, CA  – 08/93-03/99

Lay leader and Bible Teacher

Description of Church: A large Bible church with close to 1800 members.  Blended worship. Known for its awesome worship and Bible teaching as well as its 50 plus missionary families.

Received Mentoring

  • Was mentored for two years by a seasoned teacher named Roy Marshall until his death 4/3/96
  • Received mentoring and Bible instruction from several elders named Gary Gonzales and John Drury for close to two years
Adults Ministry
  • Elders allowed me to become the youngest Bible teacher at church through Roy Marshall’s petition to them that I teach
  • Led the Agape Class for 4 years. Class is an intergenerational group ranging from ages 18 to 82
  • The Lord allowed us to focus on evangelism and prayer as we grew in our walk and in numbers

Pastoral Ministry

  • Counseled with couples experiencing marriage problems
  • Led a men’s group
  • Prayed and stayed with people during hospital stays
  • Evangelized in streets and through foster homes taking kids out on weekends
  • Taught God’s Word on a weekly basis
  • Prayed for each person God put in our ministry on a consistent basis
Youth Ministry
  • Became youth counselors trained through the Billy Graham training courses onsite and offsite and as well as in-house working with troubled teens of single parents
  • Wife was also a public high school counselor, so the Lord allowed us to share Christ with un-churched teens and disciple them for a while as they got plugged into the local church

Mabuhay Christian Fellowship, Dallas, TX – 04/99-8/01

Description of Church: A Southern Baptist start-up church led by several DTS grads.

  • Through the leading of the Holy Spirit over a period of two years the Lord allowed my wife and I to lead a home church made up of new Believers who had experienced some heavy trials.
  • Led God’s people through Bible teaching/preaching and loving them by pointing them to the throne
  • We’ve experienced God’s presence in worship many times in unique wonderful ways (not quirky or weird), on several occasions worship lasted till deep into morning hours; and it was an indescribable sense of awe to stand before our Lord in that way.
  • I’ve was asked to become their pastor in order to restart the church, but did not sense the Lord’s confirmation in this direction but rather we helped most of the families plug into healthy churches and have become best friends with most of these wonderful people.  We have stories in our minds that could have been a part of the book of Acts.



Glenn Moeckelmann, CEO, Digital Learning Tree, INC., IT Professional / Analyst


Mr. Moeckelmann brings over 18 years of business and IT experience to Digital Learning Tree, INC. While working as an engineer for an RF plasma company in 1991, Mr. Moeckelmann met Bob Daigle, a known International Business Delegate and together with him and a team of executives worked exclusively with Fortune 500 companies certifying them to expand globally via the recognized prestigious ISO-9000 Certification process of benchmarking. Trained in change management processes and principles.

In the Bay Area he worked with Nortel Communications implementing a $3M dollar project migrating 60,000 plus users into various platforms and systems internationally. Other companies include Applied Bio Systems, Visa, Inc., Leapfrog, Level 4 Systems, BitMicro and numerous start-ups. Mr. Moeckelmann has held various management positions ranging from CEO of start-ups to director positions of larger firms.

Other highlights include a two year writing contract with IDG Books (the largest publisher for tech books) for the Information Technology and Business sections of their publications. He holds a BS in Management Information Systems from University of San Francisco and an MA from Dallas Theological Seminary. (He has served as a pastor for over 12 years).

Specialties: # Investment proposals from an IT point of view as well as alliances and business strategy
# Ability to analyze define, design and review the business and IT solution architecture
# Hands on UI (user interface) design both on front-end and backend (customer interface and administration)

# Expert in using off-shore outsourcing from alpha to distribution of web-based e-commerce projects on platforms dealing with Java, CSS, PHP, ASP and back-end databases


CEO at Digital Learning Tree, INC

July 2011 – Present (2 years 7 months)
Digital Learning Tree is revolutionizing learning via its complete education eco-system ranging from being a

course authoring platforms as well as offering world-class education mentoring for educators.

DLT has evolved it’s entire system by mastering the back-end flow of incorporating complete admin features for each tenant, expert API integration for content providers, a self-serve approach for administrators, educators or content providers. Many features include cutting edge assessment tools as well as self-grading modules and multi-teacher collaboration.

Partnered with major universities like University North Dakota, University of Pacific and Codie Award winning companies such as Cicero Systems. Cicero has been the number one leader in 10,000 schools providing engaging media and thousands of education tools. (1 million teachers registered), CK12 (Award Winning Math and Science flex books), e-libro (largest Spanish digital library in the World). One of the team’s core strengths comes from having a clear cut approach for increasing the bottom line (profit) but also the top line (building people).

To enhance DLT’s offerings we have an innovation team responding to the demands of our educators and partners some test platforms include: (a free resource for teachers to upload and share their resources), (groupon / ebay platform for selling digital goods), (template for WordPress postings), these were created to be shared and used for partners who need them and can be white-labeled

Business / IT Consultant at Olive Press Media

April 2004 – July 2010 (6 years 4 months)

For each client whether the inception of a Nursing College like American College of Nursing, or an entire health care intake and billing system or numerous websites, open-source projects or mobile solutions we worked closely with the executive team to make sure we engineer according to mission and revenue centric goals.

IT Analyst Writer at IDG Books

2000 – 2002 (2 years)
Worked for IDG on a yearly contract as a technology writer covering issues ranging from trends, leadership and mergers.


June 1998 – July 2002 (4 years 2 months)

• Responsible for leading executive and technical teams in spearheading complex IT infrastructures
• Direct corporate vision and online community of over 10,000 executives – portal deemed by Wall Street Journal as one of the leading resources for emerging technology firms and investors
• In charge of analyzing & assuring technology life cycles, e-commerce and strategic alliances
• Define end to end solutions from user interface until product build-out including CRM, mainly web related • Reviewed entity relationships and database solutions based on research, case studies and trends
• Lead many business module and IT projects, PR/Media affairs, third party contract relationships, hiring of staff
• Developed strategic corporate alliances and worked with staff on streamlining that process with contracts and negotiations
• Portal was incorporated into,, Brainshark, Wantedjobs, Redherring affiliates and content analyzed by major graduate programs across the country
• Had a two-year IT analyst writing contract with IDG Books – the largest computer publisher in the world

IT Project Consultant at Visa

March 1997 – December 1997 (10 months)

# Standardized and “rolled” out with a team of 18 computer technicians and 3 project managers one of the highest security networks in the world
# Helped streamline and do complete quality control process with numerous matrices for a networks and desktop upgrade for a 3000 local users for Windows/NT, Exchange Server migration

Project Manager at Nortel

August 1995 – April 1997 (1 year 9 months)

# Directed Junior Engineers and worked with executive staff on project implementation
# Part of a local 10 man team doing a 3 million dollar project called Trinity, migrating over 1000 local PC/Mac (Windows/NT) and 60,000 international users into a UNIX developed global cross-platform interface. Heavy research for TCP/IP solutions dealing with lots of third-party vendors and in-house development
# User interface design for in-house systems as well as scripts written for Rumba and Reflections via TCP/IP protocol.

International Business Analyst at Advent

June 1991 – March 1995 (3 years 10 months)

Used fluency in German to work with business leaders in standardizing ISO-9000 processes
# Traveled with Senior Executives to fortune 500 companies doing analytical work to increase bottom line profits as well as attain international recognition via the sought-after ISO-9000 certification by top companies # Worked with executives of companies such as Chiron, Applied Bio-Systems, McKesson and many other top-notch firms

Applications Engineer at HIMONT Plasma, INC.

October 1991 – March 1994 (2 years 6 months)

# Reported to two PhD Scientists for molecular engineering experiments
# Found solutions for surface engineering adding layers of atoms through microscopic etching with various gases and heat variables as well as exposure conditions
# RF technology matrices testing for optimum results
# Worked with researchers from Volvo, Toyota and major international firms writing up data research for product enhancements
# Worked with management using latest business innovations as well as certification in the ISO-9000 series

Digital Media PHP
Strategic Planning E-commerce

Web 2.0
Product Development Mobile Applications Product Management Information Architecture Drupal
Online Publishing
User Interface Design Enterprise Software Entrepreneurship
Web Development
Cloud Computing
User Experience Start-ups
Social Media
Public Speaking
Web Applications
Vision Development Business Strategy
Project Management Team Leadership


Dallas Theological Seminary

MA, Theology / Missions

University of San Francisco

BS, Management Information Systems, 1991 – 1993

Languages: German